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Celebrating the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia


In this month of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the people rejoice to welcome him with various celebrations. One of the unique things is the way residents celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day Buleleng, Bali with the title of a funny walk.

It was held again, the community was enthusiastic

Quoted by Gotravel Indonesia from detikcom (15/8/2022), the hilarious walk to celebrate the 77th Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day is actually a event annual. However, it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia 2 years ago. The walking event itself was held on Thursday (11/8/2022) and organized by KONI Buleleng.

Responding to the resumption of this hilarious walk, the Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, expressed that the enthusiasm of the people was very high even though it had been stopped due to the pandemic.

The enthusiasm of the community could be seen from the hundreds of residents who crowded the Singaraja City Park area, Buleleng to see the swaying of the competition participants. He also hopes that in the future, public interest in this event will be higher.

“This is the only one in Bali and I think this walk is enough to provide entertainment to the community. I hope that even if I am no longer in office, there will be more and more fans of the funny hikes," he said.

The best funny

Yes, as the name implies, the participants of the funny walk must display a funny and creative walk. This is different from the general march which is formal in the style of flag-raising troops. Precisely in this competition which was held to celebrate the 77th Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day, the funniest, most creative and most attractive participants will get a big score.

In the walking competition to celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day in Buleleng this year, there were 15 teams participating. One of the teams that succeeded in churning the audience's stomachs came from Sanggar Dwi Mekar Buleleng.

With the theme of the Diversity of the Archipelago, the team from the studio appeared attractive in traditional tribal clothing in Kalimantan and Papua. They danced around performing attractions that succeeded in making the audience laugh.

They also succeeded in lulling the audience with traditional music made from coconut shells. To ring it, the coconut shell is rubbed and hit with both hands.

"The theme we use is Bhineka Nusantara, so the wealth and diversity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia," said the Coordinator of the Dwi Mekar Buleleng Studio, Gede Pande Olit as reported by detik.com.

Furthermore, Pande said that Indonesia has diversity from Sabang to Merauke, both customs and culture.

His party finally chose to display the characteristics of Papua and Kalimantan in a hilarious and creative walking competition to celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day. "We are truly diverse from Sabang to Merauke, of course our customs and culture have their own characteristics.

So I want to visualize this by taking part in a funny and creative walking competition. "Here we take the characteristics of Papua and Kalimantan," he added. (y)

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