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Selong Belanak Beach

selong mullet beach

Selong Belanak Beach is one of the tourist attractions that tourists go to. Besides Bali, Lombok is a target for tourists who want to travel in Bali East Indonesia region.

Various interesting tourist attractions are served on this island. One of them is Selong Belanak Beach. This beach is unique, because it has two types of waves.

selong mullet beach
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In addition, it also has a white beach with a smooth texture. Makes the scenery along the beach very beautiful. Then, in the location there are also two parts, namely south and north.

The southern part is usually in the place of local residents. They work as fishermen and seaweed seekers. While in the northern part is devoted to tourists who perform various activities such as swimming.

The Attraction of Selong Belanak Beach Lombok

One of the uniqueness of Selong Belanak Beach is that this beach forms a crescent shape. The charm is more beautiful with a stretch of white sand that stretches. In addition, at the end of the beach there is a hill that can be used to relax while enjoying the beach view.

Besides being famous for having stunning natural charm, this beach is also famous for having very well-maintained cleanliness. If you want to find a tourist spot to calm down, this beach is very suitable to be chosen.

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Activities To Do On The Beach

1. Diving

Selong Belanak Beach has relatively calm beach waves, making it suitable for diving activities.

Supported by clear sea water, visitors can freely enjoy the underwater beauty while traveling. You can bring a waterproof camera to capture the beauty of coral reefs and marine life under the sea.

2. Fishing

Fishing is an exciting activity that can be done at Selong Belanak Beach. Don't forget to bring fishing equipment from home. For fishing, you can rent a small boat that can take you for a walk along the sea. Well, surely the locals know a good location for fishing.

3. Surfing

In addition to having calm waves, on the right side there are waves that are big enough so that they are suitable for surfing. There are many surfboard rentals.


You can try to test your adrenaline with surfing. Take it easy, beginners will usually be directed to ride in waves with a height of only 1-2 meters. As for surfers who are already proficient, it can be at a height of 5 meters and above.

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4. Sunbathing on the beach

Usually those who do sunbathing activities are foreign tourists. But local tourists can also sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the beach breeze and the beautiful rolling beach waves.

You can sunbathe on the available seats, or you can also sunbathe on the beach sand.

5. Enjoy Culinary

Culinary lovers must try the typical food of Lombok. In the Selong Belanak Beach area there are several food stalls. One of its specialties is fish satay.

Don't worry about the price, you don't have to worry because the food here is priced at affordable prices. It would be nice before ordering first ask how much the price per portion.

6. See the Activities of Local Residents

You can observe the lives of local residents who work as fishermen while looking for fish, fixing it pull, fishing rods and so on. For children, this will add insight for him.

Access to the Beach

You can use a motorbike or a car. The distance that needs to be taken from the center of Mataram City is about 49 kilometers. The time required for the trip is about 2 hours.

If you depart from Mataram City, please head to Pujut. Next to Sengkol, then to Rembitan. After that, continue to Kuta, South Lombok.

Continue the journey until you pass Mawun, then you will arrive at Selong Belanak Beach.

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Meanwhile, if you choose the route from Lombok International Airport, you will pass the Batujai intersection and then onto the Penujak route.

When you reach the market, turn right towards Mungkur Village. Just go straight until you find a gate that says Selong Belanak. You've arrived. This route only takes about 40 minutes.

That's a review of Selong Belanak Beach. Beautiful and unique beach with 2 types of waves. If you want to come, it would be fun if you invite your beloved friends or family.

Selong Belanak Beach Unique Beach with 2 Different Waves


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