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Manise, North Maluku Becomes the Happiest Province

Manise, North Maluku

Manise, North Maluku – There is exciting news coming from Eastern Indonesia. Quoted from second travel  (26/9/2022) North Maluku is the happiest province in Indonesia. This assessment refers to the Happiness index as released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in the middle of last week.

Manise, North Maluku Province

The data taken for this indexing comes from 2014 to 2021. However, the method for calculating the Happiness Index specifically for 2014 is different.

Measurements in that year were carried out using only one dimension, namely Life Satisfaction.

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This is different from the 2017-2021 calculation which uses 3 dimensions, namely Life Satisfaction, Affect and Meaning of Life.eudaimonia).

From the Happiness Index calculation, Manise North Maluku has the highest score, namely 76,34. As a result, North Maluku became the happiest province in Indonesia.

10 happiest provinces

A slight difference below that, there is North Kalimantan which has 76,33. Followed by Manise North Maluku on the third level with a score of 76,28 and Jambi on the 4th level with a score of 75,17. Next, North Sulawesi sits in 5th place with a total score of 74,96.

In 6th place is the Riau Islands which has a score of 74,78 and in 7th place is Gorontalo with 74,77 points. The three provinces respectively ranked 8th to 10th are West Papua with a score of 74,52, Central Sulawesi with a score of 74,46 and Southeast Sulawesi with 73,98 points.

10 least happy provinces

In contrast to Manise, North Maluku, which was the happiest province along with other provinces that received the same title, these 10 provinces even won the title of province with the lowest happiness index in the country.

Banten is the province with the worst happiness index, with a value of 68,08. Then, followed by Bengkulu with a score of 69,74 and Papua with a score of 69,87. The next province with the lowest happiness index is West Nusa Tenggara with a figure of 69,98 and right behind it is West Java with a value of 70,23.

East Nusa Tenggara Province is in 6th place with a score of 70,31. Furthermore, 4 other provinces ranked 7-10 respectively, North Sumatra with a score of 70,57, DKI Jakarta with a score of 70,68, Aceh with a score of 71,24 and West Sumatra with a score of 71,34.

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Tourist attractions in North Maluku

Meanwhile, Manise, North Maluku is also known to have amazing natural beauty. One of the famous tourist destinations here is Sulamadaha Beach. 

Located 15 km from Ternate City, this white sandy beach has very clear water. It is so clear that even the naked eye can see the underwater beauty of this beach.

Apart from beaches, the happiest province in 2021 in Indonesia also has Mount Gamalama which is famous for its various myths.  

Of course, this mountain, which can be reached half an hour from Ternate City, also has beautiful landscapes. The main thing is.. Sweet! (Y)


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