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Wolobobo Culture Camp Ngada Nature Tourism Promotion Strategy

Wolobobo Culture Camp

Wolobobo Culture Camp – News comes from East Nusa Tenggara. Quoted from compass travel (19/9/2022) This event is the 'beginning' of Wolobobo what's wrong The Festival (WNF) is being held in Flores and is running until September 24 2022.

For your information, Wolobobo is a hill in Terekisa Village, West Gelowa District, Ngada. Offering a landscape like a 'land above the clouds', this place is suitable for relaxation.

Wolobobo Culture Festival Series

This event was enlivened by participants, most of whom were Scouts. "The Wolobobo Culture Camp event that the majority of scout participants take part in is the Warm-up in the Wolobobo Festival Series," said the Regent of Ngada, Andreas Paru, when opening the event, last Thursday afternoon (15/9).

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At that time, he said that holding the Wolobobo cultural camp was a symbol of togetherness as well as a step to promote Wolobobo as a camping ground. Apart from being attractive as a camping place, Wolobbo is also interesting in terms of natural and cultural landscapes.

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Attended by hundreds of people

At the Wolobobo Culture Camp event there were at least 250-300 people present from students and more from community groups and regional government leaders.

Among the hundreds of people who attended, Andreas believes there were several people who were setting foot in Wolobobo for the first time. Furthermore, the number one person in Ngada also said that this activity was a form of promotion from the community itself. Which is ultimately expected to produce results feedback positive.

This is the meaning of the Wolobobo Culture Camp activities. "So that we ourselves can promote this place and we will later use this place to produce something," he explained.

Caring for nature & culture as well as promotion

Also present at the Wolobobo Culture Camp, namely, the Main Director of the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority Implementing Agency (BPOLBF), Shana Fatina. He Mentioned Festival Wolobobo which has a variety of series of events, as a way of caring for nature and culture as well as promotion.  

"In this event we also saw that this cultural camping activity. "Dominated by students and female students who are the next generation who will look after what we have looked after to this day," he explained.

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The series of other activities in the Wolobobo Ngada Festival include the Wolobobo Mountain Walk and the Ngada Culture Walk.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Wolobobo Culture Camp, Wili Ajo. Explaining that this activity was motivated by the designation of the Wolobobo Area as Regional People's Garden (KRD) Number 41 in Indonesia, by the Ngada Regency Government in 2022.

In line with this, Wili said that it was necessary to ensure that every year there were activities in Wolobobo that were about education and research. "In order to support this KRD, every year we should ensure that educational and research activities involving students are also held in this place," he said. (y)


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