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The beauty of the Ganges Falls

lombok ganga waterfall

The beauty of the Ganges Waterfall makes this tourist attraction so popular. Lombok's Ganges Waterfall it gives calm and peace to anyone who comes here.

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Waterfalls are a favorite place for many people, especially for nature lovers. The water flowing from top to bottom looks so beautiful. If you are on vacation in Lombok, try coming to Gangga Waterfall in North Lombok.

Gangga Waterfall is also known as Kerta Gangga Waterfall. Here the scenery is very interesting. The water is so clear coupled with the rocks around it add to the beautiful impression.

This place is often visited by local and foreign tourists. That's because this tourist attraction has an amazingly beautiful natural beauty.

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Ganges Falls Attraction

1. Have 3 Waterfalls

The interesting thing that you can find at Gangga Waterfall is that there are 3 waterfalls. This waterfall is divided into 2 levels. Waterfalls at the top and waterfalls at the bottom. The location of these three waterfalls is very close.

First, you will find Kerta Gangga Waterfall. This waterfall has a shallow natural pool. You can take your children to play here.

The second waterfall is not too far away. In this second waterfall you will find a passage with an iron bridge. On the right side of the bridge there is a handrail for safe passage.

Then, the third is a waterfall that has an incredibly beautiful view. The location is a bit far from the first and second waterfalls.

2. Altitude Reach 30 Meters

The Ganges Waterfall has a height of about 30 meters. Wow, that's high too. The flow of the waterfall is quite heavy. Especially if you come here during the rainy season, the water is very heavy. This water source comes from a river called Lokok Angkup.

3. Beautiful Forest View

While on vacation to this waterfall you will feel a cool and beautiful atmosphere. The trees in this forest are towering. The air around the waterfall feels fresh. You can breathe clean, free air pollution here. Really refreshing.

Especially if you come in the morning. The cool atmosphere with clean air makes you feel at home here.

4. Rocky Cliffs

In addition to clean air and a beautiful atmosphere, around the waterfall there are also rock cliffs. This is what makes this place more unique compared to other waterfalls.

The location of the rock cliffs is at the second waterfall. Where there is a cave surrounded by rocks is quite steep. The entrance of this cave is two meters wide.

But the pool in the second waterfall is deeper than the first waterfall. So you have to be extra careful when you're here.

Waterfall Location

The beauty of the Ganges Waterfall is in Kertaharja, Genggelang, Gangga, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The location of this tourist attraction is at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The distance from the Ganges district is about 7 km. if you come to the waterfall from the city of Mataram, it takes about 1,5 hours to travel. The distance covered is about 53 km.

There are two paths that can be passed to get to the location of the waterfall. The route is the Senggigi Line and the Pusuk Gunungsari Line. You can use Google Maps.

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Transportation to Location

You can use a private vehicle to get to the location of the tourist attraction. For example with motorbike rental services or car rentals.

If it's just the two of you, you can use a motorbike because it's more economical. But if you are with a family group, you should take a car.

There is no public transportation that you can use. There are only motorcycle taxis here.

That's information about the Gangga Waterfall in Sumbawa. Hopefully useful and can be your reference.


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